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Here is some general and important information for the benefit of all who either live or cottage on Moira Lake, and for all who wish to use the Lake for leisure or sport. 



MLPOA Web Site – Get Connected, Stay Informed

If you have not already done so, please visit  Our web site is growing, and getting better all the time.  Most of the content at the site is available to the general public.  There is, however, a section that is open only to MLPOA members.  This “Members Only” section includes the MLPOA Constitution, Committee and Board meeting minutes, detailed, downloadable Moira Lake and area road maps, and more.  To gain access to the “Members Only” section of the site, members must complete the attached Membership Information Form, include their email address, and give the form to either their Zone Representative or a member of the Board. You will be contacted, and assigned a temporary password.



Waterfront Property Owners' Resources

The Quinte Conservation Authority have assembled a collection of articles that are of interest to those who own waterfront property.  What can you do and not do to your shoreline?  Do you have questions concerning septic systems or wells?  And over 20 more topics.  Check out...


Garbage Bins and Recycling Stations

Only non-recyclable household waste contained in CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS is to be placed in garbage bins. The recycling stations are for recyclable waste as per directives issued by Quinte Waste Solutions. These directives are available from either your Zone Reps or the Landfill Site.  All non-collectable material is NOT to be left at these garbage and recycling stations, but MUST be taken to the landfill site.



Landfill Site

Located at 106968 Highway #7 East, 4km East of Highways #7 and #62

613-473-4581    Open   Monday  9 – 3  Wednesday  9 – 3   Saturday  8 - 4 


Buoy Information

N.B. The placement of buoys is done on a “best efforts” basis, and the Association assumes no responsibility in regard to any personal injury or property damage of any kind due to the placement or non-placement of buoys.  All who use the lake in whatever manner and for whatever reasons, do so at their own risk.

For further information, please contact Chuck Noble 613-473-3088.



Fishing Regulation Reminder

Open season for Walleye (Pickerel) and Pike starts the 2nd Saturday in May.  Muskie starts the 1st Saturday in June.  Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth) starts the 4th Saturday in June. IT IS ILLEGAL TO ATTEMPT TO CATCH FISH FOR WHICH THE SEASON IS CLOSED, EVEN IF YOU ARE GOING TO RELEASE THEM.  Disturbing the fish during the closed season can jeopardize their reproductive cycle, resulting in the destruction of the future fishery.


Weed Harvesting – Common Areas

The Municipality of Centre Hastings will clear weeds from Deer Creek, Reynolds Landing, Kiwanis Beach, the River Inlet, the River Outlet, the Narrows between bridges and the culvert connecting the two lakes.  We are also applying to enable harvesting in Pitts Creek.





911 Lakeside

This refers to the placement of 911 signs that are visible from the lake.  These signs will be useful to rescue/emergency watercraft. Placement of lakeside 911 signs is voluntary.  Private property weed harvesting will benefit from lakeside signage.  Members requesting weed harvesting of private shorelines will be asked to identify their properties (lane and 911 #) Lakeside to allow the harvester operator access to the correct location to be harvested. 



Private Roads and Lanes - Maintenance

The Centre Hastings Fire Department has established the following criteria for the maintenance of private roads and lanes:

  • Roads require a 10-foot wide road base;
  • Roads to be brushed back 2 feet on each side and brushed up 15 feet high;
  • Turn out areas are required in order for vehicles to pass;
  • Turn arounds are required in order for emergency vehicles to turn around;
  • All roads must be maintained in order to provide Fire Department access year round

Please note:  The above criteria do not apply to one's private driveway, but to the road(s) or lane(s) that lead to it.



Summary of Centre Hastings Fire By-law 2000-21

During the period from April 1st to October 31st no fire for the burning of grass, rubbish, wood or other combustible material shall be permitted outdoors between the hours of 7:00 am – 7:00 pm, except for the following:

  • Fire for cooking or warmth;
  • A small fire no more than 1x1 meter attended at all times by an adult;
  • A fire in a metal container covered by a metal mesh ΒΌ inch in size.

Please note: 

  • Between October 31st and April 1st of any calendar year, persons who permit any fires to burn out of control shall be responsible for the cost to extinguish the fires.
  • If the need arises for the Fire Department to use the services of the MNR water bombers, all watercraft are to be docked.
  • Remember to check all your smoke detectors when you return for the summer.


Animal Control By-Law 2001-15 (excerpt)

  • Dogs over the age of 16 weeks are to be licensed
  • Owner of dog shall prevent such dog from running at large
  • Dogs must be leashed in public areas (i.e. beaches)
  • A dog shall be considered a public nuisance if:

(i)      it persistently barks or howls

(ii)    it causes damage to public or private property

(iii)   it interferes with any standard garbage disposal method

(iv)  it persistently barks at, or chases pedestrians

Animal Control – Gerald Hawkins – 613-473-5032



Speed Limits for Watercraft on Moira Lake

Speed limits for Moira Lake are as follows:   Within 30 meters or 100 feet of the shoreline, the speed limit is 10 km/hr. This is also the maximum speed through the channel joining the 2 lakes.  Beyond the 30-meters/100-feet distance from the shoreline, there is no speed limit.  Boaters should be aware they may be held liable for injury to swimmers, divers and people aboard small vessels that are capsized by the wake of the speeding boat.  They may be liable also for damage to other vessels, docks and the shoreline.

The same rules apply when water skiing, with the exception that the power boat may exceed the 10 km/hr speed limit within the 30-meter/100-feet distance from the shoreline, so long as it is moving away from the shore, i.e., accelerating to give the water skier the ability to get up on the skis.  The same regulations apply to tubing and other towing activities.

The Association has posted speed limit signs at the channel.  There is no requirement for the Association to post signs along the rivers’ edges.

If people witness speeding or other dangerous/illegal activity in the waters, they should report the incident to the OPP.  If the situation involves the speeding, etc. of a watercraft, you can record the vessel’s hull identification number, and advise the OPP.  The OPP will contact the boat owner and investigate/issue a warning.  For charges to be laid, it is necessary for the lawbreakers to be caught in the act by the police.

The above information was summarized from a conversation with the Ontario Provincial Police on July 7th, 2006



Lake Etiquette

We have received comments that we wish to put forward for consideration.  Some property owners are concerned over the level of noise from personal, motorized watercraft, especially when they are in close proximity to shorelines, also causing erosion and disrupting wildlife.  Other comments relate to “light pollution”.  The advantage of being here, away from the city, and seeing the night sky, is one that is negated by permanent outdoor lighting systems.  Motion sensor lights may be a more sensitive solution to lighting one’s way.


Be "Well Aware"

Many of us depend on a well for our water supply.  Safe, clean drinking water should not be taken for granted, and it is up to you to be "Well Aware".  There are a couple of free services available.  The Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit provides water sample bottles for bacteriological analysis of drinking water for private citizens.  The bottles can be picked up at the Centre Hastings municipal office, 9 Furnace St., Madoc. Bring your water sample to the office on Wednesday mornings. 


Transporting Firewood to or from the Cottage?  Please don't!

Firewood can carry small but harmful hitchhikers that are often hidden in the bark or wood. The damage caused by invasive species such as the emerald ash borer can expand exponentially when they get rides from families on vacation - even if it is only a few kilometres away. In fact, the emerald ash borer has killed millions of ash trees across Canada.  Check out


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