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Classified Ads - Terms and Conditions

Here are our terms and conditions for the posting of classified ads on the MLPOA website:

1.  Restricted to Current Members Only

Posting ads on the MLPOA website is a benefit that is restricted to active MLPOA members.  If you are not a member and wish to post an advertisement, you are welcome to do so at the minimum cost of $ 30/month.  Please note that the annual fee to join the MLPOA is only $ 20.00, so we encourage all non-members wishing to post an add to join first!

2.  Minimum/Maximum Listing period

All classified ads are posted for a minimum of 1 month, and a maximum of 2 months from the date of posting.  If you wish to remove the posting prior to the 2 month expiry, please contact the MLPOA webmaster and request your ad to be removed.  If you wish to extend your posting beyond the 2 month maximum, please contact the MLPOA webmaster prior to the expiry date.

3.  No Liability, Warranties, Guarantees or Endorsements

The MLPOA is providing this service on behalf of our members, to allow them to inform interested parties of the availability of their goods and/or services.  The MLPOA does not provide any warranties, guarantees or endorsements for the goods and services that may be advertised on its site.  Buyer beware!

Any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact the MLPOA.


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